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Frequently Asked Questions


Medical Certificates

Medical certificates are legal documents.  They are available only if you present for the consultation with one of our doctors.  We cannot issue certificates retrospectively.  Please request at time of consultation or a fee may incur if requested after consultation.


Medical Records

All medical records obtained at the practice are the property of Burleigh Heads Medical Centre.  If you require your records to be forwarded to another practice, the new practice must submit an application signed by the patient and records or a summary will be forwarded to that practice.  A small fee may occur for excessive records.


Referrals to Specialists

To ensure the best management of your case, we like to discuss your condition before referring you to a specialist.  Please note that we are not permitted by law to back date specialist referrals, so please ensure that you have a current referral before you see a specialist.  Referrals cannot be ordered over the phone, an appointment is required for renewals.


Test Results

Test results cannot be given over the phone as these results are very important and may need explanation.  It is vital that no misunderstanding occurs.  The results will only be given to the patient and will only be given by consultation.


Phone Calls with Doctor

Telephone calls are not routinely diverted to the doctor.  As you are aware, the doctor is consulting patients and cannot give their full attention to the patient if constantly interrupted.  Therefore, we will endeavour to answer all enquiries by our receptionist who may be able to pass on a message.  If this is not acceptable our registered nurse may be able to assist you with your concern.  After this time if no satisfaction is reached we will put you on hold and transfer your call to the doctor after they have finished with the current patient they are consulting.  

Please let the receptionist know if you are returning the doctors call or if the doctor asked you to call.



Appointments are allocated for patients every 15 minutes.  It is imperative to notify staff if you require a longer appointment.  Alternatively, if you wish more than one member of your family to be seen, please advise the receptionist.  Please call if you wish to cancel or reshedule your appointment as we are fully booked on many occasions and these appointments can be given to other patients.  By complying with these guidelines it will allow the doctor to streamline appointments and avoid running later.  Urgent cases will be seen on the day.

Appointments may also be booked online through our Burleigh Heads Medical Centre website


Home Visits

Home visits are organised by individual doctors for long term patients who are unable to be treated at our surgery.  The cost for this is $300 and we do not carry out home visits routinely as we are unable to provide the full medical service without necessary equipment.


The Surgery has a recall system that enables us to make an appointment should the doctor consider it necessary for you to return regarding test results etc.  Recall notices offering you preventative health services are also issued when appropriate.  Please inform our staff if you do not wish to be part of the system that informs you about preventative health services.


It is the policy of the Burleigh Heads Medical Centre that there shall be no smoking on the premises.


Patient Feedback

Should you be unhappy with any aspect of the care you receive, please discuss this with your doctor, nurse, practice manager or receptionist, or alternatively, you may prefer to contact the Health Ombudsman at P.O. Box 13281 George Street, Brisbane 4003 or Phone 133646


Interpreter Service (Ph 131450)

Patients who are not proficient in the primary language of this clinic are advised that the use of relatives or friends is acceptable if it is the expressed wish of the patient.  The Clinic has access to an interpreter service if it is required.


NRS Hearing / Communication Impairment (Ph 133677)