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What to do in an Emergency?

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Call Emergency services on 000 (Australia only)


In an accident or emergency you need to assess the situation and if necessary call 000 if you live in Australia. If outside Australia, you should find the emergency services number in your phone book.

Some signs to look for:

  • Are they breathing?
  • Do they have a pulse?
  • Do they respond in any way when you squeeze their ear lobe or shoulders?

Checking Your Safety

In the event of an accident it is important to check your own safety and the immediate safety of others. If there is a car accident and there is petrol on the road there may be risk of fire. Other traffic in the area needs to be diverted around the accident to prevent any further accidents of injury. Ask if anyone in the vicinity has first aid or medical training. Do what you can and wait for expert emergency services workers to arrive. If someone is in an accident do not try and move them if they appear to have any back injuries.

Self Harm

If someone has harmed themselves intentionally get medical help immediately. If the person does not want to be helped or is likely to be violent then ring the police immediately. If the person is happy to go to hospital then it is best if you call an ambulance. At the hospital, after they have been physically checked, they will usually be assessed by a mental health professional. In big hospitals this person will probably be a psychiatrist.

Overdose of Drugs

If someone has taken an overdose of drugs or pills call an ambulance immediately. If you are not sure whether the amount they have taken is damaging you can ring poisons information on 131 126 from anywhere in Australia, for advice. Even if someone appears to be alright now, get help and advice. Often the damage from an overdose isn't immediately apparent.

If Someone Goes Missing

If someone you know has been very depressed and they go missing there could be a good reason to look for them. If you are concerned try to find out where they have gone. Even if you find them and everything is alright you can still let them know that you care and are concerned about their safety. If you cannot find them and fear for their safety ring your local police for assistance.

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